Utilize the power of real time fleet management to save
money and save lives.

Cost Reduction and Fuel Economy


Reduce fleet operation costs


Lower fuel consumption

Increase efficiency by creating smarter routes and identifying fuel-wasting habits like excessive idling or speed.
EyeRide encourages drivers to develop more efficient driving techniques and helps fleet operators streamline routes for lower total mileage and more efficient unit allocation.

Fuel can be heavy expense; EyeRide shows you how it's consumed.Minimize waste and ensure drivers comply
with company fuel policies using real-world data as instant feedback.


Improve vehicle performance

Even small improvements to driving behaviors can dramatically reduce fleet maintanance costs.
EyeRide-equipped units know how they're being handled; if movement,events,or forces
beyond established parameters occur, the driver receives an immediate prompt to correct
harsh driving behaviours that cause unnecessary damage to vehicles.

EyeRide-assisted drivers improve vehicles performance and lifespan by reducing everyday wear.


Prevent Accidents

Reduce the frequency severity of collisions by actively ancouraging drivers to develop safer behavior that
preserves their vehicles integrity. Even when accidents do happen, stable vehicles allow faster responses that
can limit damage and liabillity - and even avoid a collision altogether.

EyeRide monitoring systems reduce accident-related costs because improved driving and better-performing
vehicles mean fewer mistakes occur.


EyeRide helps fleet managers reduce costs by creating efficiencies and cultivating safe, productive driving habits. It's simple, cost-effective and easy to implement.

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ROI Period

From 1-2 years

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Making your fleet intelligent and optimized is not an easy task. Our studies indicate that after the first investment with EyeRide, once implemented into a fleet, eliminates a large amount of management issues immediately. On long term, great improvement with your fleet continues as your company learn your drivers’ behavior, thus, reducing your liability for years to come. The EyeRide system has helped large scale transportation organizations as well small companies - making them grow organically by managing their fleet with EyeRide's management tools. This software solution has become priceless for fleet organizations.

Check out our EyeRide ROI calculator to see how you can start saving.

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