Utilize the power of real time fleet management to save
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Risk Management


Actively minimize risk


Enhance vehicle security

Video monitoring can reduce crime rates and virtually eliminate employee and third-party theft.

EyeRide provides a constant connection between units and base via unlimited real-time video streaming and two-way audio link. The system collects and delivers data for up to 24 hours after a vehicle is turned off; video feed, alerts, and other functions can be triggered by motion detectors.

Operators can even trigger vehicle functions, such as door locks or ignition, remotely.

This is both reliable overnight security and an easy way for authorities to recover stolen vehicles. EyeRide systems can be equipped with multiple alarms and are very difficult for would-be thieves to remove.


Reduce driver error

Drivers are humans. Even with the best training program they become comfortable, developing minor habits and patterns that contribute greatly to infraction and collision rates.

EyeRide enables fleet managers to address issues as they occur, in real time, by notifying and communicating directly with drivers. This way, drivers quickly learn to self-correct their habitual mistakes and you can identify your riskiest routes and individuals.

This ensures safety gets prioritized across the board and potential concerns can be targeted for immediate action to reduce the risk of accidents.


Harden your company against claims

EyeRide protects your drivers, customers, and company by logging a thorough, accurate record of every event leading up to any dispute, infraction, or collision; video and sensor evidence that helps quickly confirm or deny liability and provides strong protection against groundless or fraudulent claims.


EyeRide helps fleet managers reduce costs by creating efficiencies and cultivating safe, productive driving habits. It's simple, cost-effective and easy to implement.

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ROI Period

From 1-2 years

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Making your fleet intelligent and optimized is not an easy task. Our studies indicate that after the first investment with EyeRide, once implemented into a fleet, eliminates a large amount of management issues immediately. On long term, great improvement with your fleet continues as your company learn your drivers’ behavior, thus, reducing your liability for years to come. The EyeRide system has helped large scale transportation organizations as well small companies - making them grow organically by managing their fleet with EyeRide's management tools. This software solution has become priceless for fleet organizations.

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