Utilize the power of real time fleet management to save
money and save lives.





Healthier vehicles use less fuel

Real-time monitoring of vehicle health, and operating conditions, and events helps maintenance crews shift out of reactive mode to focus on prevention and efficiency.

This helps keep units at peak performance, consuming less fuel per mile travelled.


So do safer drivers

Driving habits have a major impact on fuel efficiency and vehicle wear. EyeRide notifies drivers of harmful or wasteful behaviours like harsh turns or excessive speeds to encourage self-correction and mindfulness.

Operators also receive instant notifications when any driver exceeds established parameters, all events get recorded for analysis and action. EyeRide provides both motivation and tool to reduce fuel consumption by improving drivers’ habits.


And optimized service routes

Identifying efficient routes that provide total coverage with fewer miles travelled allows faster, better-targeted response to incidents, emerging trends and patterns.

Earth-friendly fleets reduce their emissions by minimizing waste and focusing on efficiency from the individual driver to the organization as a whole. EyeRide provides both historical data analysis and real-time monitoring capabilities at a glance to help operators choose which resources to deploy and how to do so most effectively.


EyeRide helps fleet managers reduce costs by creating efficiencies and cultivating safe, productive driving habits. It's simple, cost-effective and easy to implement.

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ROI Period

From 1-2 years

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Making your fleet intelligent and optimized is not an easy task. Our studies indicate that after the first investment with EyeRide, once implemented into a fleet, eliminates a large amount of management issues immediately. On long term, great improvement with your fleet continues as your company learn your drivers’ behavior, thus, reducing your liability for years to come. The EyeRide system has helped large scale transportation organizations as well small companies - making them grow organically by managing their fleet with EyeRide's management tools. This software solution has become priceless for fleet organizations.

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