Why Having a Fleet Management Solution is So Important

Imagine receiving a notification that your driver has just had a small incident on the road, but you receive this notification half an hour after it had occurred. He explains to you that it was the other vehicle’s error that caused the accident and that the dash camera should be able to show that this

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Airport Express And EYERIDE See Soaring Results

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Airport Express Inc, a top transfer service for business and leisure travel between San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport has been a partner of EYERIDE for over 3.5 years, and as a result they have seen impressive growth. With a reliable and dependable fleet service and one of the newest

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Why Should You Have a Fleet Camera System For Your Vehicles?

Today, we can find video evidence from virtually any event that transpires, whether it’s from a small local situation or a national news story - someone captured that moment on video - and that made all the difference. What about your fleet? What kind of impact would fleet surveillance have on your company? Many situations

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Why Motor Coaches Are Getting On Board With Mobile WiFi For Buses

Transportation has evolved to become more than just getting from point A to point B. Having amenities for passengers like WiFi for buses are necessary in order to enhance the travel experience, improve passenger satisfaction, and help ensure safety on board. Many transportation organizations face the problems of internet throttling and having to pay large

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Surterra Wellness And EYERIDE See The Big Picture

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- EYERIDE is thrilled to share the success story of their partnership with Surterra Wellness, a multi-location provider of cannabis-based products. From starting with just two vehicles in 2016, Surterra Wellness now operates in multiple states and controls thousands of miles on the road with EYERIDE technology, which includes real-time fleet camera systems,

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With EYENET’s PayPal Integration, Everyone Wins

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- EYERIDE is excited to announce a feature that will drive your transportation business to the next level by increasing revenue share. The EYENET is a ruggedized, high-speed router that provides full router capabilities - a hotspot gateway, bandwidth management, VPN server, and a splash page featuring your company’s logo and advertising. An

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San Francisco Cables Cars Are On Board With EYERIDE

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- EYERIDE, a trailblazer in mobile live video streaming over wireless and cloud-based networks, is pleased to announce that San Francisco’s historic cable car system, as well as Hornblower Classic Cable Cars, have chosen to outfit their fleet with EYERIDE’s fleet management system. Both corporations are signed to EYERIDE’s full solution, which incorporates

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