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With EYENET’s PayPal Integration, Everyone Wins

With EYENET’s PayPal Integration, Everyone Wins

MIAMI, FLORIDA — EYERIDE is excited to announce a feature that will drive your transportation business to the next level by increasing revenue share. The EYENET is a ruggedized, high-speed router that provides full router capabilities – a hotspot gateway, bandwidth management, VPN server, and a splash page featuring your company’s logo and advertising. An impressive, additional financial benefit comes with EYENET’s PayPal integration, which gives you the option to drive revenue with the ability to charge customers for WiFi usage.

With this feature, your passengers are able to connect to WiFi using EYENET, and are instantly redirected to a page that allows them to easily pay for their access through PayPal. Users will have multi-band connectivity on national cellular networks, allowing them to stay online. As a result, all revenue will be transferred to your PayPal account directly. If you prefer not to use the pay-per-use feature, then you have the option to use the Social Media Login add-on, where your passengers can access WiFi by simply logging in with their social media account. This option familiarizes passengers with your brand and encourages community engagement within your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

EYERIDE’s Social Media Login is an incredibly user-friendly feature that allows customers to easily access WiFi connection with a simple login. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your passengers and market your brand simultaneously, boosting your presence within the market through participation on your social media platforms. EYENET is the optimal way to drive your business, earn additional revenue, and make your customers happy by providing quality internet connection during transportation.

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