Initial Setup of ELD

  1. From the Profile page, tap on Account.

  1. Select the Setup ELD button.

  1. Select either Light Duty or Heavy Duty depending on the type of vehicle the ELD is attached to.

  1. Select the ELD that is currently attached to the vehicle.
  • Match up the last four digits of the device name to the MAC address that is printed on the ELD.
  • If there are no device listed you must select Open Bluetooth Settings to pair to the target ELD.

  1. In the Bluetooth Settings Panel allow some time for the mobile device to scan for Bluetooth devices.
  2. Select the device where the name begins with "VNA2-BT" and ends with the last four digits of the MAC address printed on the ELD.

  1. Once the ELD appears under Paired Devices, tap the back button.

  1. Tap on the Connect button for the ELD that has the matching last four digits of the MAC address.

  1. Wait while the app attempts to retrieve the vehicle's VIN.
  • If the app fails to retreive the VIN you will be prompted to enter it manually (continue here).

  1. Compare the on-screen VIN with the VIN of the vehicle.
  2. Select either VIN is not a match or VIN is a match.
  • If the VIN shown on-screen does not match with the VIN of the vehicle you can continue here.

  1. If VIN was a match, attach the provided QR codes to the vehicle.
  2. Select OK and scan the QR code that is attached to the vehicle.

  1. Once the QR code is scanned you will be promted to enter the vehicle's information.
  2. Tap Add Vehicle when finished entering the vehicle's information.

Manual VIN input

  1. When VIN retrieval in step nine fails, enter the VIN manually in the text box.
  2. Select Use That VIN to continue with the setup process.