Malfunctions Overview

Listed below are indicators that the ELD is not working properly. If these behaviors are encountered please follow the troubleshooting steps. If problems persist please contact Eyeride support.
  1. The tablet is unable to connect to the on-board Bluetooth device.
  2. Vehicle motion does not trigger the app’s driving lock screen to pop up.
If malfunctions are encountered report the issue to your fleet manager and follow these guidelines.
  1. Manually enter all duty-status changes in the app.
  2. If unable to manually enter status changes use a paper log until the ELD is repaired. This can be entered into the electronic system at a later time.
  3. In the case of a roadside inspection you may show the previous 7/8 days log from the Elog app.
  4. Contact Eyeride support at 954-775-1210 if further assistance is needed.