Mobility Grade IP Camera for Interior Bus &Light Rail Applications

Clarity and speed make the EYECAM MD a top choice for mobile monitoring and dual video streaming.With IP67-grade ruggedized housing and electronics, staying on top of your fleet has never been easier.


EYECAM MD1000 - IP Camera for Interior Bus & Light Rail Applications | Bus Cameras

Dust & Waterproof Mobility Grade IP Camera for Interior


Mobility Grade IP Camera for Interior Bus &Light Rail Application

Biodirectorial Audio

Ruggedized IP67 Dust & Waterproof

High Dynamic Range for Superior Image Quality

Wide Angle 2.8mm Excellent Low-Light

Built-in 128GB Memory

Key Uses

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iconEYE/NVS MD1000

ROI Period

From 1-2 years

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Making your fleet intelligent and optimized is not an easy task. Our studies indicate that after the first investment with EyeRide, once implemented into a fleet, eliminates a large amount of management issues immediately. On long term, great improvement with your fleet continues as your company learn your drivers’ behavior, thus, reducing your liability for years to come. The EyeRide system has helped large scale transportation organizations as well small companies - making them grow organically by managing their fleet with EyeRide's management tools. This software solution has become priceless for fleet organizations.

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