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The Difference That An Automatic Passenger Counting System Can Make

Each day footsteps scurry in and out of your bus, and you may have a general idea of which stop or route is the busiest and has the most foot traffic, but what if you had an accurate number of how many people got on and off at each stop?  What if you could break down this information and receive highly specific data, just by opening up a page? Having an automatic passenger counter onboard can deliver insightful statistics that can increase efficiency in planning your routes and create a more accurate estimated time of arrival for your destination.

How Does A Passenger Counter Work?

The passenger counter uses video analytics retrieved from your passengers (similar to a head count) and then incorporates the unique information into your routes and buses. This information is gathered in real-time, which can be viewed by logging into the EYERIDE cloud-based platform. Once you’re on the page, you’re able to see maps, graphs, and insightful data to help you analyze routes and arrival times, and this analysis can be used to create more efficiency, timeliness, and better customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

A Bus Passenger Counter That Increases Efficiency

With automatic passenger counters, you can compare your peak hours and plan more efficient routes in the future, saving you and your passengers time and reducing disruptions. Passengers are able to see the location of their bus instantly, along with the estimated time of arrival to their destination, helping them plan their day (and helping you plan your route as well). As a result, passengers will have more trust in the timeliness and reliability of your buses, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improving the quality of your service.

‍Easily Accessible Passenger Counting

The system is easily accessible through a visual representation of the data on the cloud-based platform. You simply log onto the platform, and from there you can choose which bus and route you’d like to review (even segmenting the data by date). Having this information available at your fingertips will save you time and the insights that are available to you will save unnecessary guessing. The platform is presented with a range of visuals that are updated in real-time, allowing you to witness the progression.

‍Highly Accurate Automated Passenger Counter Information

This tool has an accuracy rate of 98% (the highest in the market). This matters because the more accurate the information, the more you can optimize your routes and estimations. These small details add up over time, and before you know it, you’ll have aggregated data that can lead to more insights and better decisions moving forward.

‍The Takeaway

Data drives decision making in today’s world, and having the information in the palm of your hands can make all the difference in the long run. Utilizing this variable to you and your passenger’s advantage has never been easier. Having an accurate count of the people going in and out of your buses offers a look into more than just numbers, it outlines a plan for improvement and growth.

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