Upgrade Fleet Performance
with Advanced Reporting System
and Timely Tracking Alerts

EYERIDE Cybersecurity




Keep Every Step on the Road Safe

Gain Valuable Insight For Any Condition

Alerts can be set up for any reason such as zone departure, ignition events, battery health, opened doors, device tampering and more.

Speed Alerts bring solid security to your passengers, drivers and cargo.

Idling Alerts cut back on fuel usage and allow only reasonable spending.

Your Truck under protection

Push Notification System

Get relevant notifications instantly on any device.

Manage who receives scheduled reports and for which vehicles.

Set up delivery frequency according to your personal needs.

Minimize costs

Analyze vehicle utilization

Qualitative data helps build a strong strategy for fleet operations.

Advanced analytics are great for continually improving efficiency in every detail of your fleet.

The reporting system will become a personal assistant and reliable sidekick for your managers.

Data protection

Detect the slightest violations to avoid wasting unnecessary expenses

After Hours Activity alert shows if a vehicle has been moving when it shouldn’t be, saving human resources and money.

Receive a GPS alert when a vehicle is arriving at or departing from a facility. Thus eliminating the possibility of non-compliance with delivery dates.

You have full control with the ability to set customized alerts for individual vehicles.