Tuning Security Cameras
for Vehicles to Deliver the Strongest Protection





View Your Vehicles Inside and Out

View Your Vehicles Inside and Out

Reveal the inner conditions of your vehicles with live data from telematics and environmental sensors.

Access footage from any of your installed security cameras for cars, in real-time and in the past, or quickly download snippets of video to store and to share.

Locate your vehicles on a map in-the-moment, and get alerted as soon as they cross the thresholds of user-designated areas.

Driver Management from a Distance

Driver Management from a Distance

Virtually supervise dozens of drivers from your mouse cursor and keyboard by assigning To-Do tasks, reviewing Hours of Service, reading over DVIRs, and more.

Have a direct line to your drivers with camera two-way calls, seeing, hearing, and speaking to them on the job.

Monitor router activity in your vehicles with in-depth information, such as bandwidth usage and statistics.

Advanced Security Brings Serenity

Advanced Security Brings Serenity

Reduce accidents using only up-to-date data from a security camera for cars.

Access your routing directly from inside the EYELOG, eliminating the need to juggle two separate applications.

Achieve a new level of confidence in every single vehicle using a camera in car for security and instant analysis of emergencies.

All types of cameras at your disposal

All types of cameras at your disposal

Easy-to-install cameras help you to build a powerful driver safety system.

External and internal cameras give you complete control of every aspect on the road and inside the vehicle.

Have peace of mind knowing that the security camera in the car is working for you.

Upstream secures smart

EYECAM MD1000 camera

Mobility Grade IP Camera for Interior Bus and Light Rail Applications

EYECAM FD1000 camera

High Dynamic Range for Superior Image Quality, Single Wire Technology

EYECAM SV1000 camera

Mobility Grade IP camera for Exterior Bus, Light Rail, Heavy Machinery and Trucks