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State-of-the-art Technology to Keep Every Step on the Road Safe

Cybersecurity is driven by data and designed to accumulate information in order to prevent cyber attacks.

Eyeride leverages a deep understanding of the communication protocol between datacenters to detect, interpret and warn in real-time about any threats to the fleet.

Automotive cybersecurity secures communication networks, electronic systems, software and data collected by the next-gen intelligent cars from harm.

Your Truck under protection

Attracting VPN to Maintain Integrity

The main advantage of cloud-based automotive cybersecurity is protection through three layers - the connected vehicle itself, the connectivity components and the backend systems that service the vehicle during its lifecycle.

A centralized cloud-based system can not only detect the interference but can also determine the root of the threat. Integrated self-configuring firewall and communication encryption utilizing VPN provides an additional layer of cyber security protection.

Instant reports of violation help you understand what exactly happened, the system will offer the solutions, and you can be calm about your fleet at any second and in every situation.

Minimize costs

Applying Advanced Technologies For Everyday Tasks

The fleet operation creates a multitude of potential data leaks or hacker intrusion, which leads to huge financial losses and can negatively affect your brand image.

The solution answers the challenge of any complexity. It collects all the necessary information from the dataset and uses big data analytics and machine learning to protect fleets from misuse.

To summarize, the system instantly detects the source of the outbreak and activates all the necessary protection mechanisms to minimize costs.

Data protection

The Relevance of the Issue in the Current Conditions

Hacker attacks can cause irreparable damage to the safety of drivers, as well as lead to financial and reputational losses. That’s why data protection is one of the highest priorities in present-day realities.

Cloud cybersecurity provides real-time attack detection for vehicle fleets. Data collection and analysis used to identify and improve the cybersecurity cloud platform is always running.

It is essentially an insurance policy to avoid negative cyber events that could greatly harm a company’s reputation and bottom line.

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