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Built to the uncompromising standards of the Israeli security industry, EYERIDE is today headquartered in Austin, TX, and our client base includes all branches of the US military, Department of Defense and Coast Guard as well as numerous state and local police agencies across the country, heavy industry and transport and security companies. We have licensed contractors installing EYERIDE products right around the world. Of course, we could go on to tell you about our technological knowledge, our cutting-edge engineering and our rigorous quality control. But in a sense, perhaps that would send you the wrong message?

As a matter of fact, our greatest interest is your reality.

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Broad Overview Of Fleet Efficiency

Broad Overview Of Fleet Efficiency

EYERIDE literally shows your business in a way you’ve never seen it before: every little detail that makes up the whole. Covering all aspects of your operations with the most frequent GPS updates and continuously streaming live video, audio and vehicle sensor data, EYERIDE enable you to always make informed choices – whether it’s to take immediate action or make strategies for the future.

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up to 8 cameras and only per-second GPS updates

Simple And Affordable Management Of The Most Advanced Technologies

We are the world leader in military-grade mobile real-time remote supervision, control and communications systems. Our product range is built around web-based access to versatile EYERIDE vehicle units, into which you can plug up to 8 cameras and a number of other hardware to suit your particular needs, with features including the only per-second GPS updates, high-resolution mobile video streaming and automatic driver prompts available on the civilian market.

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Constant Progress For The Greatest Prospects

Constant Progress For The Greatest Prospects

Nearly 80% of all revenue is invested back into research and development, so a number of upgrades and entirely new products are always in the pipeline, ensuring that our clients can benefit from the very latest technology. Because once you have realized the edge you get by being fully informed at all times, you won’t even want to imagine going back to making educated guesses.

Nothing beats knowing for sure.

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