Laptop with FMS and GPS
Laptop with FMS movement
Laptop with FMS and Videos
Driver Scores

Transform Anywhere Into an On-Demand Command Center With EYERIDE FMS

Vehicle and Cameras

View Your Vehicles Inside and Out

Reveal the inner conditions of your vehicles with live data from telematics and environmental sensors.

Access footage from any of your installed cameras, in real-time and in the past, or quickly download snippets of video to store and to share.

Locate your vehicles on a map in-the-moment, and get alerted as soon as they cross the thresholds of user-designated areas.

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Driver management

Driver Management from a Distance

Virtually supervise dozens of drivers from your mouse cursor and keyboard by assigning To-Do tasks, reviewing Hours of Service, reading over DVIRs, and more.

Have a direct line to your drivers with camera two-way calls, seeing, hearing, and speaking to them on the job.

Monitor router activity in your vehicles with in-depth information, such as bandwidth usage and statistics.

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FMS Advanced Security

Advanced Security Brings Serenity

Rest assured when you connect to your FMS account knowing our guarantee to use the toughest vetted encryption protocols, such as Advanced Encryption Standard 256-Bit and Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Eyeride provides you guaranteed application security, with exhaustive static and dynamic analysis of the FMS application source code, controller, and telematics terminal security.

Get an in-depth security analysis of external communication channels of each vehicle, including all mobile frequency bands from 2G to 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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FMS fmRobust API

A Robust API for Harmonious Cooperation

Take photos and create documents to bring your manager into the loop.

Communicate your location to your dispatcher for confirmation and detailed record-keeping.

Have peace of mind knowing the transmission of your information is secure.

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