EyeRide and Airport Express

Airport Express And EYERIDE See Soaring Results

MIAMI, FLORIDA — Airport Express Inc, a top transfer service for business and leisure travel between San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport has been a partner of EYERIDE for over 3.5 years, and as a result they have seen impressive growth. With a reliable and dependable fleet service and one of the newest fleet of buses in Northern California, the addition of EYERIDE’s transportation technology creates an unbeatable pairing! The organization has now implemented the EYERIDE solution into their entire fleet, and have seen tremendous benefits as a result of this partnership. Over the past three years, fleet vehicle cameras have helped Airport Express in numerous serious accidents which they had no fault in, and saved them from time wasted and unnecessary costs.

With the EYERIDE solution, Airport Express is able to stay connected with their buses and drivers in real time. The utilization of the full EYERIDE system allows dispatchers to view their vehicles, drivers and passengers in real time with live video, 2 way audio, and GPS, along with sensors and activators. Today, mobile WiFi for vehicles is a necessity, as passengers have an expectation that they’ll be able to continue with work, communication, and entertainment while on board. Another challenge that motorcoaches and commercial vehicles face is with liability and risks of wrongful blame and costs as a result of disruptive passengers or other vehicles at fault. In the case that an incident does occur, what can be done for a fleet organization to effectively defend themselves?

With EYERIDE’s fleet camera system, Airport Express can have video evidence of any accident or problematic situation that occurs, saving the organization both time and costs. Having access to video footage in real-time by simply logging in to the cloud-based system allows for data at their fingertips. Whether the situation occurred in the middle of the day or at two in the morning, the footage is instantly available and can be retrieved by entering the date and time of the occurrence. The EYERIDE solution system has helped Airport Express save in costs associated with legal fees and litigation, and has an unarguable form of proof to defend themselves if the situation calls for it.

As a result of the partnership, Airport Express has been able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and build on excellent customer service and experiences by implementing bus WiFi and commercial fleet cameras through EYERIDE. This joining of forces has helped Airport Express continue to thrive as a convenient transfer service in the Northern California region and their customers are thoroughly enjoying the high-speed internet for buses. The consistent real-time communication with drivers and live tracking of everything that happens in and around the vehicle show time and time again that the EYERIDE system is there to provide Airport Express with the tools to help them flourish. Soaring results come naturally when the benefits are clear and undeniable!

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