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Why Motor Coaches Are Getting On Board With Mobile WiFi For Buses

Transportation has evolved to become more than just getting from point A to point B. Having amenities for passengers like WiFi for buses are necessary in order to enhance the travel experience, improve passenger satisfaction, and help ensure safety on board. Many transportation organizations face the problems of internet throttling and having to pay large amounts in overages. The interconnected nature of transportation and business makes having a reliable connection necessary in order to not only accurately have instant information, but to compete with other motorcoaches and stay ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look at the value that motor coach WiFi brings to a commute and to your business.

With the EYERIDE solution, interconnectivity and real-time accuracy becomes a reality. Having high speed WiFi for your motorcoaches becomes an asset in the sense that you can not only provide entertainment and safety information in a clear-cut, efficient manner, but your fleet will have bandwidth management, a VPN server, and options for direct advertising. This means that you can stay connected to your buses with certainty that both the passengers and the drivers will maintain connectivity.

What Benefits Does Mobile WiFi Bring for Your Motorcoach?

Endless Entertainment With Mobile WiFi for Buses

Connecting EYENET – WiFi router for vehicle provides passengers with the continuous ability to browse the content that they desire via their coach WiFi. EYERIDE’s bus WiFi router establishes multi-band connectivity on national cellular networks to deliver the highest connection speeds, so that interruptions in service are not an issue. WiFi for coaches allow passengers to work on the go, enabling them to maintain their productivity.

‍Seamless Safety Through Bus WiFi

In a digitally connected world, getting a message across via a device can prove to be very efficient. EYERIDE’s automatically timed safety video feature ensures that passengers are receiving the correct safety information for their commute. WiFi for charter buses are incredibly beneficial in that safety standards are met for longer trips, and that any urgent information can be communicated promptly.As passengers are occupied and enjoying their WiFi experience, they are more likely to stay seated during their trip, which results in less passengers walking about and in turn reducing safety risks In addition, with a hotspot gateway, passengers can feel confident that their connections are secure.

Using Bus Internet For Splash Screen Advertising

Utilizing the advantages of having internet in buses for your passengers means that your company also has the chance to increase awareness of your brand and social media platforms. With EYENET, passengers can access their WiFi by using a Social Media Login page, which allows your passenger the chance to interact with your brand via social media if they choose. GPS based advertisements can also be integrated into the system to display advertisements from local organizations in the area that you’re in.

The Takeaway

Utilizing motorcoach WiFi is not only a catalyst for improving passenger perception and experience, it’s a necessity to establish your motorcoach as a key player in the industry. In the same way that we are connected as a society, this eventually reflects on the services that users veer towards. Reliability and consistency are key, and with EYERIDE’s WiFi solution you’ll avoid the headache of paying usage overage fees and dealing with service throttling, both of which are common issues experienced by motor coaches.

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