Reinventing WiFi for Buses to Cover All Essential Needs

These days we prefer to have a stable Internet connection anytime and in any place. Many people spend a lot of time on the road. At the same time, bus companies need to integrate all onboard vehicle systems and provide fast connection and timely data updates. That’s why the modern WiFi for buses solution is one of the most important issues in passenger transportation service.

Eyeride has developed a solution following all these needs. EYENET is designed to solve the major tasks and provide significant benefits:

  • Increasing service efficiency
  • Optimizing route planning
  • Instant response to emergencies on the road
  • Supporting multimedia systems for passenger entertainment

EYENET is a specially designed router that provides a strong WiFi connection for dozens of devices at the same time. This allows passengers to use all the possibilities of the bus WiFi network without compromising the internal systems of the vehicle. All data about travel time and possible delays is also easily accessible and delivered instantly. Tourist routes are accompanied by real-time information about places of interest, giving passengers an unforgettable experience of interactive immersion in the route.

Data transmission security is also vital when operating a router bus network. Security-focused equipment alongside robust firewalls and strict authentication methods provide impeccable confidence that your data won't be intercepted.

EYENET is also used harmoniously in school buses. Students are able to complete homework while in transit, as well as engage in other activities that promote communication and team building. Some educational programs are already being developed taking into account the possibilities of WiFi on buses.

As you can see, the possibilities of the router bus WiFi are very diverse. Learn more about vehicle WiFi on the EYENET page of our website.

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