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How Does an EYENVS and a Dash Cam Compare?

In the blink of an eye, an unexpected event can happen when your driver is on the road. Think about this scenario for a moment — what would be your reaction if you received notice that your driver was involved in an incident? How would you deal with the aftermath, costs, and insurance? Now, if you had a simple dash cam recording that only compiled footage when a sensor was activated, would that make you feel secure? The reality is that a standard dash cam is not necessarily a reliable witness, and there is no guarantee that it will protect your fleet from fraud, security breaches, or unfair litigation costs.

Fleet surveillance has become a transportation industry standard, but simply having one dash camera placed with a view of the front of your vehicle will not provide you with protection in all circumstances. As dash cams are limited in the output that they provide; they may not capture an incident if their G-Sensor does not activate. This creates unreliable surveillance because a standard dash cam will only capture footage when this sensor is triggered. A fully-featured EYENVS fleet management system, however, allows you to have live video and audio footage being captured around the clock and made instantly available to watch, download or send.

The Difference Between an EYENVS and Dash Cam

With an EYENVS, real-time video is constantly recording, resulting in an extensive library of footage made available instantly through EYERIDE’s cloud-based fleet management solution (FMS). With the ability for web-based streaming, you’re receiving footage simultaneously as it occurs through a centralized system linking to the operator. In contrast, there is no way to know if a dash cam is actually recording since the connection is not live, creating difficulty in verifying if the event was captured, and as a result, you’ll only be able to receive footage after the event occurred. As the EYENVS fleet management system captures images through a network using IP cameras, higher-quality footage is recorded, allowing the operator to zoom in on specific details.

With an EYENVS fleet management system, operators can capture incidents such as a person falling on a bus or a driver texting while operating the vehicle. In addition to capturing video, the EYENVS can record audio simultaneously using bidirectional audio, allowing an operator to see how drivers are speaking with their passengers and directly giving them feedback at that moment. The operator is also able to make sure the driver is okay and provides assistance if an accident or collision takes place. Standard dash cams are less physically secure, as their placement and design make them easier to steal or damage, while NVS cameras are designed to be ruggedized and withstand extreme conditions. As dashboard cameras typically only record twenty seconds before and after an incident occurs, key details may not be recorded, leaving the driver and organization with potentially unnecessary costs or liabilities.

How To Choose a Fleet Management Camera That Fits Your Needs

As these cameras are powered by a router, robustly designed and professionally installed, you’re able to set up multiple cameras in a variety of angles and fields of view that capture the front, back, sides, and interior of your vehicles. Our NVS fleet management system provides unique coverage of traffic and vehicle occupants that you can always have an eye on. In addition to real-time live video and GPS streaming, the EYENVS is incredibly user-friendly and comes with 24-hour tech support in case assistance is needed.

Why Choose the EYENVS As Your Fleet Management System?

When it comes down to it, the safety of your drivers and fleet are at the forefront of importance in your organization. With technology advancing, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your fleet with continuous improvements to driving behaviors, have a detailed library of data with footage that you can access through the device of your choice, and include live GPS tracking that allows you to optimize routes and consume lower amounts of fuel. Why settle for an ordinary dash cam that may not get the footage that you need when you need it? No need to compromise, when you can have an all-in-one fleet management solution to help your transportation organization thrive and grow.

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