Why Having a Fleet Management Solution is So Important

Imagine receiving a notification that your driver has just had a small incident on the road, but you receive this notification half an hour after it had occurred. He explains to you that it was the other vehicle’s error that caused the accident and that the dash camera should be able to show that this was the case. After delayed retrieval of the footage (which takes hours just to stream), it turns out that the dash cam did not capture the incident at all. Now, with no way to prove what actually happened, your organization is forced to pay needless fees and insurance costs, disrupting your service’s efficiency and property.

We can see that many disastrous situations can be avoided – in some instances before the incident even occurs. A fleet management solution is more than merely a handful of cameras attached to your vehicle, it’s a reliable solution that integrates surveillance cameras, a web-based management platform, and distinct features that transform your transportation service into an efficient, cost-effective, and safe organization.

How Does a Fleet Management Solution Promote Safety?

With a fleet management system, you have a constant connection to your fleet via 4G LTE streaming. It allows you to be in communication with your drivers in real-time; through live video streaming, bidirectional audio, and an amazing platform to oversee your vehicles with the EYERIDE fleet DVR systems. This includes a range of force and event sensors that send notifications to the unit and base if a safety, route, or speed parameter has been exceeded. The ruggedized cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions, so you can have confidence that even in inclement weather or attempted vandalism, the footage will be safe and sound (as well as your driver and vehicle).

Using a fleet surveillance camera, you’re able to monitor the vehicle’s performance, as well as what events are happening outside and around your fleet. Being able to see and hear your drivers in real-time allows for faster emergency responses. The recordings of the events leading up to the incident can help you protect your organization from litigation due to accurate documentation. Correcting unsafe or risky driving patterns and behaviors immediately when they occur promotes safety to not only your drivers and vehicles but those sharing the road as well.

The Risks of Not Utilizing Fleet Vehicle Cameras

By not utilizing a fleet surveillance system, you’re opening up your organization to risky behaviors and a lack of accountability. Without proper documentation and footage to give you insight into what’s transpiring in and around your fleet, this adds an additional layer of uncertainty around whether your drivers are safely operating the vehicles and obeying traffic laws. Without a proper GPS tracking system, your knowledge of your driver’s whereabouts may not be completely accurate. At this point, your fleet becomes vulnerable to security risks.

With no sensors or force detectors, there may be a delay if an emergency arises. In this situation, not having the footage to make your case that there was no wrong-doing on your driver’s part opens up your organization to possible legal fees and obligations that otherwise may not have occurred with proper documentation. A live-recording device may seem like a small detail and is often overlooked, but this small detail can actually serve as an enormous benefit to the overall safety and quality of your organization.

You have the option to make your fleet stand out from the rest. Don’t settle for less – strive for a fleet management solution that does it all! From increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the overall safety of your organization, utilizing a fleet management solution can only lead to improvements. Interested in learning more? Schedule a live demo today!

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