How Commercial Fleet AI Dash Cams Benefit Your Fleet Operations

While most passenger vehicles use Consumer Dash Cams with a front-facing camera to record real-time video of mishaps, survey routes, or simply celebrate a journey, modern Commercial Fleet Dash Cams have two lenses (front and back) to film the road and the vehicle’s interior.

A commercial fleet dash cam is a necessary device that fleet and trucking firms use to observe their driver's behavior and gather and save their footage. The latter gives Fleet Managers proof of accountability regarding mishaps or crash disputes. On the other hand, drivers having video proof can save them and firms lots of money in repairs, penalties, and insurance costs.

AI-Powered Dash Cams

Artificial Intelligence-powered dash cams take a step ahead, offering more insights into driving behavior and road surroundings. Contrary to front and rear dash cams that just film the roadway, the AI-powered dash cams access plenty of data that fleet operators can employ to instruct their drivers. It includes advising them on keeping safe distances, avoiding distracted driving, predicting risky road situations, and alerting them in real time. The video feed collected not only helps managers keep their fleet safe but also safeguards their business from deceits and lawsuits.

The artificial-intelligence-enabled dash cams remove blind spots to assist drivers with challenging loading/unloading methods and steering into confined spots. Moreover, these dashboard cameras film sharp videos that managers can use for nuclear judgments or in case of theft.

According to statistical data, 20 percent of fleet operators lose three or more of their vehicles to stealing each year, and 47 percent aren’t able to regain them. The AI-based dashcams definitely improve the security of the fleet.

The worldwide Dashboard Camera Market Size stood at $3.38 billion in 2021. Analysts expect expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% from 2022 to 2030 (revenue forecast $7.64 billion), thanks to the increasing awareness regarding vehicular safety, faster insurance claims, and defense against auto thefts.


How does It work?

The advanced AI-enabled dash cams mostly connect with a cloud-based video telematics system that uses GPS and reporting qualities. The real-time videos are saved within the cloud and managed by fleet management software. These dashboard cameras can be wired normally through cable or OBD-2 cable, record in 720p, 1080p, or 1440p resolutions, and integrate effortlessly with other interior and exterior cameras in the vehicle.

The most advanced AI-powered dashboard cameras also boast Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Driving Monitoring Systems (DMS). We will discuss them in detail later.

Before we talk about the benefits of AI-enabled dash cams, we want to present you with the most advanced and reliable Eyeride Dash Cam.

Eyeride Dash Cam

Eyeride has created an AI solution to improve driver safety, avoid road accidents, and safeguard your business. The neural network monitoring will assist in anticipating and evading key driving risks.

How Does Eyeride Dash Cam Help Fleet Operators?

Eyeride Dash Cams integrate with its cloud-based telematics system and fleet management software to show fleet managers real-time events in and around their different vehicles. We have already covered how the Eyeride video telematics system helps fleet executives. This post will focus on the new dashcam the company has developed. Eyeride will publicly launch its AI-powered dashboard camera at the 2023 CES.

Eyeride AI Innovations In Scanning Road Situation

This dash cam is powered by Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS). It means the camera will not only keep an eye on driver behavior but also watch out for obstacles on the road.

ADAS: The ADAS system includes forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, headway monitoring warning, blind spot detection, headway monitoring alert, lane departure alert, and ADAS on-the-edge system.

DMS: The driver-facing camera has a facial recognition feature that identifies driver fatigue, smoking, phone usage, eating, paper reading, unfastened seatbelt, and any other situation that could compromise the safety of passengers and the vehicle.

Next-gen System of Instant Warnings

Depending on fleet operations, managers can choose the alerts they want to receive. The warnings will come in real-time both in the cabin and the office. For instance, managers can set an alert for harsh braking, cornering, speeding, traffic violations, or any other risky situation. It not only helps managers eliminate reckless driving behavior but also saves fuel that wastes during harsh braking, cornering, and speeding.

Protect Business and Reputation

The video proof of a mishap or collision is strong evidence that helps fleet operators in legal battles and avoids unnecessary payouts. It also improves driving behavior and retention because drivers know they are backed by a piece of evidence that can tell they were not at fault.
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Benefits Your Business Can Reap With AI-Powered Dash Cams

While we have already mentioned some of the benefits of using AI-powered dash cams, we will go into their details here.

Pardon Your Drivers

One of the major reasons fleet operators use AI-enabled dashcams is the aid they get to clear their drivers. Insurance claim processes are slow, mainly when the insurance firms carry out the inspection. The video proof will help speed up the process and pardon the drivers when they are not at fault. Even if they are, the footage evidence can ease the severity of judgments and bring down the claim amount.

Keep Your Finest Drivers

For your fleet business, drivers are its backbone, and they love to get recognition for their skills. The AI-powered dashcams help accumulate data on drivers’ behavior. Drivers can earn points when they keep a safe distance and obey speed limits. Fleet executives can reward top-performing drivers and retain them for an extended period.

Safeguard Your Fleet

AI-powered dashboard cameras employ video telematics to trace and gather a broad range of fleet-wide safety metrics, such as harsh braking, speeding, risky passing, and distracted driving. The gathered data assists fleet managers in accessing drivers' safety habits as well as creating a basis for a robust fleet safety culture.

Once your business establishes a safety culture, it will save you from unnecessary claims and boosts your driver’s performance. In addition, these dashboard cameras can optimize your company’s reputation, showing your business offers quality services and you take the safety of your drivers very seriously.

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