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Geofencing Is A New Way To Increase The Marketing Appeal of Your Fleet

Many managers remain unaware of what is happening in the particular area that is under their jurisdiction. This can lead to missed opportunities, poor productivity and unnecessary waste.

Geofencing is a digital way of tracking what is happening in your personal area. It is literally a fence that you can draw on a virtual map to get complete data on this site and set up alerts for entry, exit and other events and incidents.
The use of geofencing enables fleet managers to keep a closer eye on the movement and usage of their vehicles, including unauthorised usage. Let’s talk about the main benefits this technology gives you:

  • Analyze operations. Keep track of what is happening in the certain area and receive customizable notifications.
  • Convenient and precise setting of geofencing rules for each separate zone. For example, you can track how long your vehicle is in the selected zone (or vice versa is outside it) and calculate the idle time accordingly.
  • Take care of your drivers and cargo. Use suggested geofences to help you decide if you want drivers to avoid certain areas.
  • Protection against theft. Stay confident that each of your units is safe and in place.
  • Real-time alerts. If geofencing rules are broken, you’ll immediately receive an error report and will be able to correct the driver's behavior in order to avoid unexpected situations.
  • Improve customer service. Geofencing gives your customers complete confidence in achieving their goals without delays and incidents.

Moreover, telematics is not the only way to use this technology. It is also vital if you need:

  • To protect the object’s airspace from drone interference
  • To track the traffic for better urban planning
  • To avoid industrial accidents when someone enters dangerous zones.

Working with geofences is pretty simple in practice. All you need is to draw the required perimeter using our geofencing software. Then you can customize a large number of parameters according to your needs. This will maximize the receipt of the most accurate and reliable data. Once the setup is complete, you will see all the requested information on the dashboard.

Geofencing is a modern and holistic way of fleet management. You will avoid the situations where the driver takes an unreasonably long route and makes too many stops. Reports show how many hours a particular driver worked for a given period, and will form an efficiency plan for your fleet. It is a ready-made solution for your business which has long proven its worth.

For details on how this is implemented in practice, visit the FMS page of our website

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