How does Video Telematics help In Fleet Management?

An increasing number of fleet operators are using telematics technology to observe their fleets, collecting data like vehicle location, driver behavior, engine analytics, vehicle activity, etc., through software that helps them handle their resources better.

It has come a long way from radio conversations to witnessing things inside and outside the vehicle. Video telematics gives fleet managers an actual view into the driver's seat, allowing fleets to guard themselves against liability and acquit drivers, enhance safety, decrease crashes, instruct drivers to drive safely, remunerate and identify excellent drivers, and a lot more.

According to evaluations, there were 2.9 million active video telematics systems in North America last year. Increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5 percent, this figure is predicted to touch 6.3 million systems in 2026.

Europe crossed 0.9 million units of installed active video telematics systems last year. With a predicted CAGR growth rate of 17.9 percent, analysts believe this figure will reach 2.1 million in Europe by 2026.


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