EyeRide and Surterra

Surterra Wellness And EYERIDE See The Big Picture

MIAMI, FLORIDA — EYERIDE is thrilled to share the success story of their partnership with Surterra Wellness, a multi-location provider of cannabis-based products. From starting with just two vehicles in 2016, Surterra Wellness now operates in multiple states and controls thousands of miles on the road with EYERIDE technology, which includes real-time fleet camera systems, two-way audio, live GPS, and much more – helping Surterra become the leaders in the medical marijuana industry in just three years. As a result of truly being able to control their fleet and grow, Wrigley, a multi-billion dollar company, confidently invested $68 million in Surterra Wellness. With the help of EYERIDE’s real-time tracking and live fleet management cameras, Surterra’s success has gained the backing of a massive chewing gum industry trailblazer, and is poised to continue growing and dominating the medical marijuana industry!

‍The Challenge

The medical-marijuana industry is subject to strict regulations and specific challenges that Surterra Wellness is not immune to. Security and timeliness are of the utmost importance in order to comply with federal regulations under the CSA. Protecting the fleet from theft and negligence are a priority, as it is vital that the product gets into the right hands at the right time. Looking out for the safety of the product, the fleet, and drivers means that your company would need to be efficient and have reliable fleet surveillance management. EYERIDE’s advanced cloud-based transportation technology and real-time fleet security cameras allow Surterra Wellness to easily manage multiple locations remotely without the need for a manager on the ground and allow for a more seamless management solution. Having additional people can lead to higher costs, lack of over all efficiency, and accountability spread over various people. The integrated system, including the vehicle fleet cameras, has helped Surterra optimize routes for lower total mileage and more efficient unit allocation.

‍The EYERIDE Solution

With EYERIDE, the partnership has allowed Surterra to expand its operations smoothly and leverage its position as a top provider of medical marijuana products. In an industry that is growing rapidly, it is vital for fleet managers to have the necessary data to make informed decisions  and optimize the routes and driving methods accordingly. Surterra Wellness is able to deliver their products safely and securely, from start to finish. The EYERIDE fleet vehicle cameras have allowed Surterra Wellness to gain more insight and oversight over multiple fleets and employees, as well as increase efficiency. The EYERIDE Fleet management solution allows for a greater insight into your business and allows you to adjust to the ever-evolving market.  What started with just two systems has grown over time due to increased productivity, and Surterra Wellness continues to thrive!

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