Top Challenges Fleet Managers Face: Solved

In this article, we’ll describe the top challenges fleet managers face and how these challenges can be eliminated. Fleet managers will learn how EYERIDE FMS can help improve their productivity while decreasing the stress of handling everything required of them daily.

What Challenges Do Fleet Managers Face?

Managing a fleet is not for the faint of heart. The successful and efficient operation of the company rests mainly on the fleet manager's shoulders.

Fleet managers face many challenges in their daily functions, including balancing communications with customers and drivers. They do this while ensuring the entire operation complies with federal regulations, correctly documenting all vital information, and managing costs.

Information Overload

Fleet managers are tasked with juggling an extensive amount of information. Sorting through all of the information they’re given in a short amount of time is what most would consider a full day’s work.

Fleet managers, however, evaluate and react accordingly to an overwhelming amount of information while carrying out many other critical tasks.

This can make remembering important tasks and keeping important information organized a near-impossible task that can significantly decrease the fleet manager's productivity.

Managing a Geographically-Dispersed Team

Fleet managers are also responsible for managing a team of people dispersed across the continent. This can make keeping everyone updated with critical information much more challenging, especially when considering safety.

A simple text or phone call while the driver is en route isn't possible if they're following the proper safety guidelines. Additionally, typed messages they can see later can lead to misunderstandings and the information not being delivered on time.

Providing Accurate ETAs

In addition to communicating with drivers, the fleet manager is a base of communication between the customers and drivers. This leaves the manager primarily responsible for how reliable the customer finds the company.

This leaves them to accurately estimate when the customer can expect the vehicle to arrive. When things delay the driver, the manager must be aware and update the customer with an updated ETA.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Not only is it up to fleet managers to keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements, but they're also tasked with ensuring they meet all of them.

While this may sound like a simple task to those who have never handled such tasks, the FMCSA has many requirements. For example, managers must deal with vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance and keep the proper documentation to reflect these things.

Additionally, they must ensure their drivers comply with the health and safety regulations the FMCSA requires. This is also an extensive list, including ensuring drivers is adequately trained, has met the health requirements, and is in compliance with the number of hours they can operate within a specific timeframe.

Controlling Costs

Determining the best way to operate as usual while spending less money is also a requirement of managing the fleet. As with any business, the costs can easily cut into the profit margins and prevent the company from thriving.

However, the quality of the operation cannot be sacrificed to reduce these costs. This leaves the fleet manager controlling costs while still purchasing, maintaining, and repairing vehicles. When the vehicles are not managed efficiently, it creates many undesirable outcomes for the business and its customers.

Fuel Management

Fuel prices are constantly changing. Additionally, this price fluctuation can be hard to project, making budgeting for fuel one of the toughest challenges to overcome.

This leaves fleet managers to determine the best way to manage fuel costs. For most, this means perfecting routes, managing idle times, and preventing unauthorized use of the company's vehicles.

The Solution: EYERIDE FMS

EYERIDE FMS gives fleet managers the needed tools to improve their productivity. This inclusive fleet management system organizes all important information in one place.

Additionally, it streamlines activity monitoring and communication while helping your remain compliant with regulations.

Streamlined Driver Management and Communication

When using EYERIDE's technology, managers can easily communicate with their drivers. This includes everyday communications, as well as receiving necessary documentation from drivers.

The system also provides technology that allows managers to communicate face-to-face with drivers, regardless of location, to simplify effective communication.

Also helpful are the alerts that will alert the specified person of strange or incompliant behaviors based on the preferences you outline. Even better, preferences can be set for individual vehicles to increase or decrease the types of alerts received for each vehicle.

Managers can receive text messages or push alerts when vehicles are moving faster than they should be when they shouldn’t be driving and when they arrive and depart from the pickup/drop M off location.

These alerts are also helpful in controlling costs by helping managers quickly detect unauthorized use of the company’s assets.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Using this technology makes providing accurate information to customers and drivers effortless. In addition, this system allows managers to view their fleet's accurate current location, which makes optimizing routes and estimating an accurate ETA a much simpler task.

Simplified Cost Management

Along with the things mentioned above, the reports offered by EYERIDE's software make managing costs a much simpler task. The software helps fleet managers keep up with vehicle inspections, maintenance, and fuel costs.


The best part about the system is that it provides all of these benefits without sacrificing security. EYERIDE utilizes advanced technology to detect and prevent any threat to your information, which is stored in its secure, centralized cloud-based system.

This added protection ensures drivers, fleet, and the company’s financials remain safe from cyber threats.

See for Yourself

You can see the EYERIDE Fleet Management System in action when you request a live demo. The EYERIDE team will show you exactly how the system works during this demo.

As always, the team will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you ensure you get everything you need from your fleet management system.

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