Why Should You Have a Fleet Camera System For Your Vehicles?

Today, we can find video evidence from virtually any event that transpires, whether it’s from a small local situation or a national news story – someone captured that moment on video – and that made all the difference. What about your fleet? What kind of impact would fleet surveillance have on your company? Many situations can happen on the road; theft, accidents, or careless habits that can pose issues in the future. The challenges that fleet managers face can be alleviated and even eliminated with the addition of fleet driver cameras, security cameras, and more.

Adding cameras to your vehicles can improve vehicle security, reduce your drivers’ errors, protect your company against claims, and in turn lower your costs. The difference that fleet tracking with cameras can make is impressive when you consider the dynamic way that EYERIDE’s cloud-based fleet management system provides a clear look into the status of your drivers and routes. We live in an age of information, and your fleet can use that as a massive advantage.

Protecting Your Vehicles With Fleet Security Cameras
Video monitoring can dramatically reduce crime rates and decrease both employee and third party theft. Having another “set of eyes” can deter employees from participating in illegal behaviors or taking company property. EYERIDE’s fleet tracking cameras give an inside and outside look at what’s going on with your vehicle, even if the driver steps away. This heightened level of security is an incredible benefit to your company, as you no longer need to solely rely on perception, you can rely on the hard evidence that is recorded constantly.

Using A Fleet Driver Camera To Reduce Errors
Surveillance cameras within the vehicle provide a look into your driver’s world; are they texting while driving, making illegal turns or lane changes, or are they going above the speed limit? These habits can be looked into, both with the fleet camera system and through the fleet management system. With EYERIDE, you can see a clear view of your driver’s behavior, and even communicate with them in that moment through audio.

Using this real-time technology, communication improves tremendously and both you and your drivers have a more clear sense of safety and awareness of issues as they arrive. Think about what kind of use that a fleet camera could provide – setting the bar for safety standards, keeping an eye on problematic patterns, and having a collection of data available on a cloud-based platform.

Lowering Costs With Fleet Camera Systems

The combination of improved driving habits with the reduction of theft in turn reduce liability costs for your fleet. This continuous improvement flourishes as drivers become more empowered to self-correct and problematic behaviors are addressed and prevented. Having evidence of attempted break-ins or accidents will also provide the necessary information to help make your case when a claim is made and prevent unnecessary costs. With a fleet driver camera, you’re able to better identify fuel wasting habits, such as speeding or excessive idling. What about collisions? As mentioned earlier, the frequency of costly collisions can be reduced by creating good habits which can be assisted with the implementation of a fleet camera system.

The Takeaway
What does safety, efficiency, and consistency mean to you? Taking the correct steps forward to create a system that increases those elements is certainly worth the consideration. In an environment like today, with an abundance of movement and fluidity in transportation, it helps to stay ahead of the game with hard evidence and data that can both protect and enhance your fleet and help your organization thrive.

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